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January 23, 2013


It happened in the London fog.

On Jan. 16, 2013, a helicopter clipped a construction crane over central London and plunged to the ground during the morning rush hour .

Helicopter pilot, Pete Barnes, 50, and pedestrian Matthew Wood, 39, died in the fiery wreck.

Crane operator Nicki Biagioni avoided what newspapers called an almost certain death because he was late for work.

"The Met Office said at the time of the crash the area was prone to widespread low cloud, poor visibility and patches of freezing fog," according to the BBC.

Jan. 16, 2013

INCIDENT #5220131

One Augusta 109 helicopter crashed into building and roadway following collision with tower crane on nearby construction site, helicopter 100% damaged by fire and crash, one office and commercial premises of two floors, 50 metres by 20 metres, 50% of face of building damaged by fire, second office building of two floors, 50 metres by 20 metres, damaged by debris from helicopter, 5 x motor cars, 2 x motorcycles, damaged by effects of fire and crash, 2 adults confirmed dead by HEMS doctor, 5 adults removed by LAS, suffering minor injuries, 4 further casualties treated on scene by LAS, 3 x jets, 2 x hosereel, 135 ladder, 9 metre ladder, aerial ladder platform, thermal image camera, all persons accounted for.
INCIDENT #6272131
One building under construction of 52 floors, 40 metres diameter, one helicopter in collision with tower crane attached to building, resulting in partial collapse of tower crane, assessment of crane carried out by on scene crane engineers, all crews withdrawn from hazard zone, approximately 600 construction workers self evacuated, approximately 40 residents evacuated by police to local refuge centre, one adult female suffering shock removed, incident now in hands of police and aviation accident investigation team.


Six fire engines, four fire rescue units, a number of other specialist vehicles, 88 firefighters and officers attended a helicopter crash near Wandsworth Road in Vauxhall today. Firefighters have now brought the fire under control. 
The police have confirmed that two people died at the scene. Fire crews rescued a man from a burning car. London Ambulance Service took six people to hospital and treated seven people at the scene.
Two office buildings were damaged by debris from the helicopter. Five cars and two motorbikes were also damaged in the crash.
Fifty seven firefighters and officers also attended a crane which was left in a precarious position at Saint Georges Wharf, SW8 as a result of the helicopter crash. Around 600 construction workers self evacuated and around 40 homes were evacuated by the police.
Specialist Urban Search and Rescue crews worked with specialist contractors to assess the damage and make the area safe. The incident has now been handed over to the police and an aviation accident investigation team. 
The Brigade's fire boat has also carried out a precautionary search of the river.

The Brigade was called at 0800. The fire was out within 20 minutes and the helicopter crash incident was over for the Brigade at 1137.