"Heroes with grimy faces" - Sir Winston Churchill

"Heroes with grimy faces" - Sir Winston Churchill

April 22, 2015



Photo: The Star
Inferno at King's Head Hotel, Dec. 12, 1940

Photo: The Star
Taxi turned auxiliary fire engine, High Street, Dec. 12 1940

It was a savage aerial attack.

German raiders hit Sheffield, England, on the nights of Dec. 12 and Dec. 15, 1940, killing 693 people, destroying 3,000 homes - and leaving a tenth of the population homeless.

Fire Officer Christopher Eyre, quoted on the fire brigade's website, said: "If a man who went through it all tells you he wasn't afraid that night you can take it he's lying."

Eyre also said: "W
e were ringed in by flame, and yet I seemed to be in a vacuum."

In The Star newspaper, Blitz Fireman Doug Lightning recalled in a 2014 interview: "There wasn't enough men or enough hose to deal with all the fires and it was no good putting a drop of water on this one and a drop of water on that one so we had to choose out battles carefully."

According to Sheffield City Council, the 
industrial eastern section of the city was largely "defended" by fog the first night and the Luftwaffe struck elsewhere, wiping out much of Angel Street.

When the bombers returned t
wo nights later, they hit Hadfield’s Hecla and East Hecla Works (the U.K.'s lone manufacturer of 18-inch armor piercing bullets), Brown Bayleys steelworks, Arthur Lee and other industrial estates near the River Don.


Photo: anglotopia.net
Constable checks in after air raid

April 06, 2015

WEST END - 2015

On April 1, 2015, a swath of central London - including the West End theater district - was blacked out by a fire in an electrical vault, forcing cancellation of The Lion King, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Play That Goes Wrong and other shows, the Daily Mail reported.