Fire Buffs promote the general welfare of the fire and rescue service and protect its heritage and history. Famous Fire Buffs through the years include Edward VII, who maintained a kit at a London fire station.

"THE RESCUE" - 1855

"THE RESCUE" - 1855

July 18, 2005


Turntable ladder

"Animal House"

1 bird, 1 cat, 1 monkey, 3 dogs, 11 firefighters

Bunks at Lambeth Fire Station

1916 Dennis Pump Escape

Station Officer and firefighters

Safety poster - World War II

Fireboat Massey Shaw (Built 1935 - Retired 1971)

Surbiton, Surrey on outskirts of London - 1937

Infirmary Fire at City of London Workhouse - 1935

The Blitz - Ruins of Bank Underground Station

The Blitz

Old-style Proto breathing apparatus and escape ladder

Recruiting Poster - World War II

The Blitz - German raid on Surrey Docks

"On 7 September 1940 hundreds of planes targeted London's waterfront. Bombs set the Surrey Docks and the thriving businesses along them on fire. The fire service had anticipated major fires when the Germans attacked but were stunned by what they saw. Gerry Knight, a Station Officer sent this message to the alarm office, 'Send all the bloody pumps you've got … The whole bloody world's on fire!' Thousands of Auxiliary Fire-fighters joined the London Brigade to battle the flames." - PortCitiesLondon web site

German Rocket Attack

"With the threat of war looming, the British government created the Auxiliary Fire Service (AFS) in July 1938. On the outbreak of war, the AFS members worked alongside the regular firemen. The Blitz started in September 1940 and saw widespread devastation all over London. Thousands of men and fire-engines were called on to deal with the fires. This image shows firemen, shrouded in smoke and debris, battling the blaze caused by a V1 strike on the Standard Telephone and Cable Company Works in Woolwich in 1944. " - PortCitiesLondon web site

Lambeth Fire Station

King George reviews firefighters and equipment at opening ceremony for London Frire Brigade headquarters at Albert Embankment, Lambeth in July 1937.

Shadwell Fire Station